Breeding and selection of Hungarian Short - Haired Pointer and Portuguese Pointer

The Quinta das Gias Kennel is the fruit of the passion for the Pointer Dog and for the hunting. Passion that has been coming for some years.
In 2007 the first Portuguese Pointer arrives, of our friend Rui Mota “da Porta do Olival”, we still have it today, the Big, CH PT TAN Bravo da Porta do Olival, with several classifications in tests of work and beauty!
Over the years the passion grew until 2013 we decided to move forward with the project, Quinta das Gias Kennel.
We acquire 3 Hungarian Short - Haired Pointer of excelents lines of hunting and beauty, Hungarian and Spanish and one Portuguese Pointer of excellent line competition, coming from our friend Vitor Mauricio with Solar do Jamor Kennel!
The affix "Quinta das Gias" is recognized by the Portuguese Kennel Club (CPC) and by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).
We are members of the Portuguese Kennel Club and the Portuguese Pointer Association.
We have modern installations and our dogs are treated with passion!